Responsive Web Design

with Marc Terribilini

Learn how to make your websites more user friendly and efficient across mutliple devices with responsive web design. Join Marc Terriblini as he walks you through the process of creating a responsive web design using css media queries. The course starts by introducing the final product, leading in to the steps necessary for completion. From preparing your ideas in Photoshop, structuring your HTML, styling your page with CSS, and ultimately adding media queries for a responsive layout, you are sure to take these skills to the workforce.


Marc Terribilini

Marc Terribilini is a user interface designer that enjoys the process of building mobile/web apps. He is a graduate student at the Academy of Art University in Web Design and New Media and currently lives in San Francisco, California. He has worked for a number of companies in San Francisco and does freelance work on occasion. From user research to completed products, Marc has the knowledge to help design a mobile/web ...more